frequently asked questions... is the answer to one of yours here?

When is Pagan Pregnancy coming out?

Hey, guess what? As of February 2012, it’s now available as an e-book! At the moment my publisher has no plans to release it in print book format, but if you don’t own an e-reader, don’t despair; there exists free e-reader software available to download for your desktop computer or your smartphone, so you can buy an electronic copy of the book from any e-retailer and read it.

Will you do a spell for me?

Absolutely not. Requests like this will not be responded to. In Power Spellcraft for Life I outline the many reasons why you should do spells yourself, but in a nutshell, you know yourself and your problem a lot better than I do. Emotion is part of what provides the energy with which a spell is performed. You experience primary feelings in reaction to the situation, and that's more powerful than anything I could dredge up no matter how detailed a description you give to me.

Additionally, part of the point of creating positive change in your life that it's self-transformation. You have to put in the time, effort, and energy in order to get something out of it. The entire process is part of the transformation. An outside agent can't do the work for you. You have to take the responsibility for it.

Will you help me personalize this spell for my particular situation, or recommend a substitute for this component I don't have? Will you write a ritual for me?

Asking for spell or ritual help gets the same response as above. I don't know what you have in your cupboards; I don't know your living situation. Your creativity is essential to your spell's success. Asking me to tweak it for you is missing out on an essential step in the spell's likelihood of success. I will not write a ritual for you to use either. Feel free to use the ones in any of my books as a starting point and go from there. Make it your own! Just don't take credit for something of mine, and if you share a rewrite of a ritual publicly please acknowledge your source material. That's common courtesy.

The only exception to this rule is if you've contracted me to perform a handfasting, baby blessing, or other rite of passage. In that case I will work with you to tailor an existing ritual or craft a unique ritual specifically for that purpose.

Will you correspond with me and teach me?

I'm honoured to be asked, but I really don't have the time to do things like this. At the moment I only teach people in person, within the Tradition under which I operate. Which, incidentally, has nothing to do with the books I write. My books explore different concepts and reflect my personal spiritual path and philosophies, not my formal training within my closed Tradition.

Will you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Again, I don't have a lot of time for personal correspondence or one-on-one work. Looking at a spell and/or ritual to find the point at which it falls apart is something that only you can do with complete success. Sometimes another pair of eyes can help, but really, you're the one who is executing the spell or ritual, and you're in the ideal position to see where things go wrong. This is one of the reasons why keeping detailed records is so important.

I really liked your book. What other books on the topic do you recommend on the subject?

Aha! This question pops up so often that I'm working on a brief list of associated reading to add to each book's web page on this site. As they're done I'll post a note on the front page of the site, and include the info in the next quarterly newsletter. As a starting point, check the bibliography in the back of each book.

What books do you think I should read?

Everything you can get your hands on. I'm not kidding. Anything you read can inspire thoughts that lead you to look at life in a slightly different way. Even if you disagree with it.

I'd like to interview you.

I'm happy to do interviews on whatever subject. Because my schedule is so wonky interviews via e-mail are best. Drop me a note and we'll talk. The only thing I ask is that you send me a link to the final published interview if it's on-line, or a print copy via snail mail if it's published in hard copy.

I have an awesome idea for a book! Will you help me write it/market it/publish it?

Congratulations! I think everyone has at least one book inside them. Unfortunately, I can't help you with the writing of it (unless you're proposing to hire my editorial services to polish your manuscript). I don't have the time to market someone else's books. And while I encourage you to send query letters and proposals to publishers, I can't do it for you. I also can't bring your proposal to my own publisher. You have to go through regular channels for that sort of thing. Pick up a copy of Writer's Market (published by Writer's Digest Books) for whatever year you're in (or the upcoming year if it's already available) and read it for a good idea of what the process of writing and selling a book is like, complete with listing of publishers organized by category and their submission guidelines.

How can I get my book published?

Write a summary of it and a proposal for it, and send it to your publisher or agent of choice, even if it's completely written. If the publisher or agent's submission requirements ask that you send a query letter and sample pages instead, do that first and wait for them to ask for a partial (a specified number of pages or chapters) or a full submission (the entire manuscript) instead. If your proposal is accepted, be prepared for edits and rewrites. Nothing is ever published as-is. And good luck!